Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Julie, our clinical instructor, floats us to a couple different units during the course of the semester to expand our experience. Today I was in the research unit, where both outpatients and inpatients participating in research studies have various tests performed. It was a pretty slow day there, but I learned a lot.

One major ongoing study is examining Chronic Renal Insufficiency. A woman was there for a screening to see if she qualified for this study, so the nurse drew blood and took a urine sample. I then watched her do the urinalysis and prepare the blood sample by spinning it in the centrifuge. The experience brought me back to my days in the mosquito lab, where I decided I did not want a career in research. Today's experience made it a viable option again.

One of the nurses mentioned that retention of participants is one of the main problems with research, and told me about the monetary compensation involved. She said there is one healthy guy who makes about $50,000 a year being a participant at local hospitals. She then told me about a prostate study going on right now if I was interested in earning a little extra cash. This begs the question, what is the minimum amount of money one should accept to let a doctor put his or her finger in your butt?


Crescent said...

My rule has always been $50 and a nice dinner.

Anonymous said...

I always have to pay others to put a finger in my ass?!

Matt's Professor said...

So I am getting ready to start my lecture this morning, and my lovely student, Matt Meador, walks by and states "this better be interesting".....
I pull out my bag of lecturing tricks, I try some humor, some anecdotes. Then I visit Matt's blog, and find his latest post was at 10:58am, which would be right in the middle of my lecture.
Next time, I will try juggling some flaming chain saws.
P.S. Matt, I hope you know I am just giving you a hard time. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and at least you werent snoring.

Meador said...


In my defense, I had written it earlier, and merely posted it during the lecture. I assure you I was mostly paying attention, and enjoyed the lecture.

Hank said...

Here's the thing: The "prostate" doesn't actually exist. Healthcare professionals just really enjoy finger-blasting.