Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have an inherent trust in tamale guys everywhere, so Ten Cat tamale guy, I know you didn't poison me on purpose. Just understand that I won't be purchasing from you for at least a month, as I do not enjoy series of internal stomach stabbings waking me at 6am. When your cries of
"Tamales, tamales, muchachos, caballeros!" fail to turn my head, know that my heart extends a crumpled $5 bill in your direction. March on, brave tamaleman, until I once again have the answer to "Pork, chicken, or cheese?".


Young said...
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Young said...

Is it possible that these last two posts are related? Your tamale trust and your ongoing intestinal issues?

Tamalehawk said...

A wise hawk once said, "Tamale trust must be spurned and learned before it can truly be earned."