Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today I experienced my first major patient emesis at the hospital. For those who don't know emesis = barf. I wanted to take a picture of the full cup of greenish biley vomit, but I was too busy dry heaving and running to the bathroom to dispose of it. I don't think the patient saw me heaving, which is good, but the fact that I was having trouble scares me a bit. I have a lot of barf in my future, and I hope I'm better able to handle it next time.

Nick took Trupe and I to the Cubs game, where Trupe did a victory robot to "Go Cubs Go", quite possibly the nerdiest song ever written. The song was also played at the wedding last weekend after the DJs announced that the Cubs had just beaten the Cardinals. We danced like idiots, much to the chagrin of the table full of St. Louisians.

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