Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today I got to float down to the Emergency Department. I'm not sure when things switched from ER to ED, but the latter is now preferred.

A few nurses apologized to me because it was a slow day, not many traumas. Sinai is one of just a few Level 1 Trauma Centers in the city, so they are usually a very busy ED. All of my classmates have had great experiences there because the nurses are good teachers and seem to enjoy their work. My time there was no different.

The nurse I was shadowing let me start my first IV. I got it on the first try, which was a relief. Thankfully it was a tiny woman with veins like ropes, otherwise I may not have been as successful.


Katie Jane said...

that is very exciting meador! congrats! i am so proud of you.

Hank said...

Do you compliment your patients on their easy-to-puncture vasculature? I think doing so would fill them with a sense of unsettled pride.

This ED vs. ER development is alarming. Has anyone alerted the makers of the TV show? I doubt any efforts to change it would be successful, however, as the network execs -- homonculi all -- would probably worry that the show would be mistaken for the early 2000s Tom Cavanaugh quirk-a-thon about the lawyer who returns to his hometown to run a bowling alley, or something equally twee.